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Gravel Driveway and Repair

We build driveways for camps, homes and more. No driveway is too big or small. We can also repair seasonal damages to paths and roadways.

Repairing the gravel road
Underground rainwater storage tanks

Septic Field Installation

All of our septic fields meet or exceed local Health Unit specifications. We use only the highest quality, longest lasting materials, such as fiberglass tanks.

Retaining Walls

Gabion basket retaining walls are our specialty. They fit into the natural look of your landscape and last longer than wood retaining walls. The finished walls are just as much style as function. They are a true conversation piece.
Retaining Walls
Culvert tube in the countryside


We can replace old or damaged culverts. If you are having problems with flooding or washouts we can install a new one for you.


Site Prep

We can clear your property to prepare it for new construction or roads. We do on site assessments with you beforehand to assess any water drainage and erosion problems that may need to be considered.
Site preparation using extractor


Norsemen Contracting’s skilled operators can excavate anything that you might need, such as water lines, trenches, foundations and much more.

Demolition – old houses, camps etc.

We have experience in demolition of damaged, burned or abandoned structures, nothing is too big or small. We also restore the area of the demolition to a workable area for future use.
Heavy duty Hydraulic crusher excavator backoe machinery working on site demolition
Tipping truck unloading gravel on road construction site


Road Building and Repair

We build roads from the initial cutting of rite-of-ways to base construction and culverts and drainage. We tackle all aspects of road construction so you know the job is done right.


Shoreline Restoration

Norsemen Contracting will restore shoreline erosion that maybe causing property damage.
The seine river, low on water, with overhanging trees
Norsemen truck



Delivery of sand, black earth and gravel for all your projects.

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